2021-22 home shirt by Castore – pro versus replica comparison

The Wolves supporting legend that is Manny Singh has shared some images of the new Castore home shirt. Perhaps a bit modern for a site with ‘museum’ in its title but perhaps worth sharing here.

Bought both the Pro & Replica kits. 

The material used on pro is better, the neck line is made slightly different and under the arms is different too….There are distinct features on the pro,(neck, holes).

The pro cut is longer by 2″ in medium size we find….but Whichever you choose, I’m sure you will be impressed 🧡🐺 

The colour is brilliant ..we love it. A huge upgrade from Adidas

You can see the difference in the weaving up close. The replica actually looks closer to the vintage Umbro style ‘aertex’ shirts with a wider weave.

Of course from a distance the under arm and small of back punctured holes are what immediately set the player issue and replica shirts apart. Perhaps you could purchase a hole punch and make some yourself?

Thanks again for sharing Manny. I may get one eventually but as I prefer shirts of an older vintage not an immediate purchase. The away shirt… not much of a rush here.

Author: NickW

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