“A deeper look” – 1962-1972 home shirt by Umbro

A rather bittersweet, illness-delayed deeper look at the very popular 1962-1972 home shirt by Umbro which was featured last month plus some amazing memorabilia that likely hasn’t been seen by 99% of Wolves supporters.

DevizesWolves shared some images of the same vintage shirt which is similar to the one Odin proudly shared… albeit with thicker material, some priceless accompanying artefacts and a chastening reminder of where we were not long after this golden period for Wolves.

This was originally John McAlle’s shirt and some of you may have seen it previously in the excellent ‘They Wore the Shirt‘ books.

It was used for many years as a training top and used and abused over the years – the label no longer even being legible after hundreds of washes. The marker pen was applied by a stencil for the shirt to be pressed into service for training and then for many of them as rags to later clean boots. Yes I know. If you haven’t already watched it, view Moment of Truth – Wolverhampton Wanderers which BBC Programme from 1985 featuring “the fortunes of two young Wolves apprentices…Irishman Derek Ryan, a highly promising winger who makes his 1st team debut on the opening day of the season, and Steve Blackwell, a striker who is 50/50 to make the grade”. Throughout you’ll see that the club, who were still reeling from the cost of the new stand and subsequent hardship, still having the first team train in shirts from 10+ years earlier. Dark times so focussing back on better times…

…this is the exact pennant that was handed to Juventus in the 1972 UEFA Cup Quarter Final. The lucky owner was able to source from an Italian collector so most likely the away leg. Here it is a photo of the same style being presented on the day of the final which of course Wolves went on to reach:

…talking of which, not long later we were in the Final of course the Wolves players were presented a the Runners-Up medal that day. Here is one in the original case:

Enough has been written about that near-miss but suffice it to say that many have never fully recovered from going all the way though only to lose to Spurs on that inaugural final. Something alse was handed over by the Spurs captain that day to our own legend, Mr Jim McCalliog:

..silver, Spurs-engraved knives with pearl handles. A nice keepsake that is a lovely idea but which may have invoked some disappointment when using.

Who wouldn’t want Spurs cutlery? Well me for one although this is an absolutely priceless keepsake and thanks so much for DevizesWolves for sharing. These are fantastic things to not only have but to share with fellow Wolves supporters.

I too want a house that looks like this:

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