1971(?) alternate gold trim home shirt

Not so much an ‘oddity’ as a mystery shirt this one. It was was provided by Odin Henrikssen, who recently showed us his fantastic 1962-1972 home shirt:

1971(?) alternate gold trim home shirt front

It may at a glance look recognisable as a 1962-1972 shirt but if you look a little closer, the collar and sleeves are not in black trim as would normally be the case – instead they are old gold.

Whilst this shirt comes with appropriate provenence and from a source close to the club, and is without doubt a vintage item from the correct era (and manufactured by Umbro), when and where this has been used is a not known.

1971(?) alternate gold trim home shirt umbro

Not only is are the cuffs and collar different, the material is thicker and a more robust than normal shirts from that era.

Could it have been used for training, as an altertate shirt for tempestuous weather, as a warm-up shirt or something else?

1971(?) alternate gold trim home shirt

Who knows… but it certainly does deserve a slot in our ‘Oddities 11’ as a shirt that is strangely familiar yet different.

Author: Mark M

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