1962-1972 home shirt by Umbro

Enough of these ‘oddity’ shirts for a while. Time to look at another classic. When we started the site, we knew that it would have to be a collaborative effort, especially for some of the older shirts that never had replica versions produced. We knew we would be relying on family members and collectors to still have the shirts after all these years.

Season: 1962-1972
Finished: (deep breath) Division 2: 5th, 16th, 21st, 2nd (promoted), Division 1: 17th, 16th, 13th, 4th, 9th.
Style: 9/10
Popularity: 9/10
Quality: 9/10
Collectibility: 10/10
Honours: Div 2 runners up, Winners: Texaco Cup (70/71), UEFA Cup Finalists (71/72)

Odin Henrikssen certainly fits into the latter camp and is a friend of this blog site. He hails all the way from Norway where his impressive collection, and his own Wolves shirt museum, resides. Some of you may already have seen him on on Sky with Johnny Phillips.

Odin with his 1962-1972 home shirt by Umbro

There will be more Odin on a separate entry (or two) but for now, he has shared with us an absolute cracker of a shirt – the Jim McCalliog match-worn version from the 1969/70 season.

1962-1972 home shirt by Umbro as worn by Jim McCalliog

This shirt was produced by Umbro and variations of it were worn for 11 seasons – no 1 or 2-season deals with suppliers in those days! Apart from the 1931-1954 ‘old gold with collar’ number which of course straddled the war years when football was frankly put aside, this is the longest run Wolves used a single shirt and supplier for.

Due to this decade-long run and perhaps the successes Wolves enjoyed at this time including a promotion and subsequent sustained seat at the top table, some silverware and an appearance at the first UEFA cup final, this simple shirt featuring a round black collar and cuffs and long sleeves (which were often pushed up by players) is one that many supporters, especially those of a certain age, associate indelibly with Wolves.

1972’s UEFA cup final versus Spurs

So simple was the shirt that, as was commonplace then, it did not even feature a club badge until 1970, this version being the simple, or rather classic, leaping wolf over the stacked ‘WW’ initials. From that point it was sometimes the case that there would be a mix of shirts with and without the new badge. Things were less regimented back then.

Image from the 1969 season with the 1962-1972 home shirt by Umbro

Mr McCalliog of course scored one of the goals for us that fateful night at White Hart Lane and remains a supporter favourite, the Glaswegian having served from 1969-1974 and providing 34 goals from midfield over 163 appearances.

1962-1972 home shirt by Umbro as worn by Jim McCalliog – rear. Number 7.

The shirt itself, considering it is half a century old, is in great condition and includes machine-sewed cotton number and the classic Umbro logo.

1962-1972 home shirt by Umbro as worn by Jim McCalliog – label. Still in great condition

The style started to be phased out with 1972’s ‘warm weather kit’ which featured a ‘fly-away’ collar as was the vogue then. From early 1972 onwards a thicker, long sleeved version of this wonderful shirt was brought in and this ‘non-collar’ version was sadly confined to history and re-cycled as training kit and used for cleaning boots. Even writing that makes me sad. The ‘fly-away’ version will be featured another time (let us know if you have one you would like to share photos of) but was a departure away from simpler times and kits.

This shirt is particularly important to Odin:

The Jimmy Mac shirt was possibly used in the first ever Wolves game on Norwegian TV in 1969 and is shown on this image:

Author: Mark M

8 thoughts on “1962-1972 home shirt by Umbro

  1. I have the thicker early 1972 version of this as worn in the UEFA cup final by John McAlle!

  2. Would this shirt (minus the badge) be worn by some players in the same match as other players which we’re wearing the same shirt but with badge? I assumed that as soon as the badge was introduced at the start of the ‘70-71 season that this shirt (without badge) was never worn again?

  3. Amazing! One question which is really bothering me….
    In the top photo of Odin, to the right of his head is a 1972 (?) long sleeved shirt with the leaping Wolf & WW logo but with Gold Collars & Cuffs!
    Is this some sort of Training shirt or a one-off proto-type as I have never seen the Wolves in all Gold shirts in the 70’s (i.e. those collars & cuffs!)

    Can anyone put me out of my misery?

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