2008-2009 away shirt by Le Coq Sportif

This one divided opinion when it was released. “No-one asked for this” I remember one unsteady bloke proclaim to no-one in particular. I assume he was talking about the shirt and not his missus and I suppose people probably might have indeed asked for neither… but you know I think this shirt may have had some unfair stick over the years. Firstly, what were Wolves up to at this point? It was another Champions shirt.

  • Season(s): 2008-2009
  • Finished: First Division, 1st (champions)
  • Style: 6/10
  • Popularity: 6/10
  • Quality: 8/10
  • Collectability: 6/10
  • Estimated price: Replica £35+

…oh yes. We were cutting a swathe through the division. Mick the Magician (or Thick Mick if you’re of the other persuasion) had come in, grabbed us by the bootstraps and we enjoyed our best start to the season for almost fifty years, winning seven of opening eight games and banging in 23 goals. We were top from October until the season’s end, when we collected our first silverware in 20 years and said “thanks very much”. Minor rant alert: Mick came in, got rid of the likes of your Freddy Eastwoods, your Dénes Rósas and a bit more sadly your Gary Breens and brought in Chris Iwelumo for peanuts to partner Sylvain, Christophe Berra as a rock in defence and David Jones with his hand of a left foot. Before anyone starts there was nothing on paper wrong with some of the players he shipped out but the ones he brought were such a cohesive, ‘all for one’ unit that this season brought for many of us at the younger end of the scale the best and only glory we had seen and Mick deserved and deserves a lot of credit. Cardiff are benefiting right now with 8 games unbeaten. Hmm that comment may age badly, oh well. So the shirt:

2008-2009 away shirt by Le Coq Sportif front

One other shirt reviewer claimed that there are three types of Wolves fans in terms of away shirts. Your traditionalists who like all white, your perpendiculars (that term won’t catch on) who like a reverse of the away IE black with gold bits and then your saft in the yeds who like the other mad colours. I can only assume this shirt fits into both camps 2 and 3 because the bright bits (officially minor neon green piping) is a lot brighter than it appears on a camera. It will melt your face off like that bloke in raiders of the lost ark.

2008-2009 away shirt by Le Coq Sportif front

People didn’t like the way the wolf head was reversed out of neon (similarly people wouldn’t like it with our later Portugal 2020 shirt a few seasons later) but you couldn’t argue with the quality which was hard-wearing well made with nice texture. The kit, or more accurately the female model wearing it, was even made famous by the American YouTuber ‘Ian of the Wolves’.

2008-2009 away shirt by Le Coq Sportif manufaturer logo

Chaucer were the sponsor for the fifth and last season (thanks Bob Hazell) and the shirt was just one part of a spectacular season and even though I’ve had some gentle stick over this one… I think it’s great. I was glad I was there, I was glad I was wearing this and I was glad they did something different for a change. So there.

Author: Mark M

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