1956-1962 home shirt by Umbro and unknown manufacturer

It’s time for shirt envy again. We’ve gone from the 1990s to the 1970s (three times) to the 2000s and now all the way back to the 1950s to look at one of the most iconic shirts Wolves wore, the shirt that has seen us enjoy the most success… and in this specific case was worn by unarguably one of their greatest players on the occasion of winning the F.A. Cup. All in one blog entry.

  • Season(s): 1956-1962
  • Finished: First Division, 6th, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 18th. Winners: 2 x Charity Shields and an FA Cup
  • Style: 9/10
  • Popularity: 8/10
  • Quality: 9/10
  • Price: More than most of us could afford, Repros: £25+

I can’t really add much more to that list above and it is bittersweet writing it because Wolves really were one of the most dominant forces within English football. They were an exciting, powerful team that pioneered European football, innovated both on and off the pitch (including the famous floodlights which will be the focus of a future blog), had the most successful Wolves manager and England’s greatest captain to boot. Heady days. During this time there was a gentleman called Peter Broadbent. It’s shame the term ‘legend‘ has been devalued to mean as little as someone who buys you a beer and a pack of crisps but this man was a legend in the old sense of the word who (another legend) George Best said was the player he most admired and who Alex Ferguson stated was his favourite player. Broadbent started his career with non-league Dover until he was signed by Brentford for one season. From there he was snapped up by Wolves in February 1951 for a £10,000 fee(!) He remained with us for the next 14 years, scoring well over 100 goals, winning three league titles and the FA Cup in 1960 and this is the shirt he wore that day.

1960 Wolves FA Cup winning shirt – Peter Broadbent

No I don’t own it and no I won’t divulge who does. I really liked the 1899 shirt and 1977 Umbro prototype shirt and love that people are sharing amazing items for us to put on here (that may otherwise have not been seen by fellow supporters) and please keep them coming but this… I’m just going to shut up and let the shirt do the talking to be honest:

1960 Wolves FA Cup winning shirt label

Manufactured by Umbro and provided via Jimmy Mullen’s sports shop. For those who don’t know. he was another legend who joined Wolves in June 1937, turned professional on his 17th birthday, and remained with the club until his retirement in May 1960. He made 488 appearances in total, scored 112 goals, helping us win our only (so far!) top tier league titles (1953–54, 1957–58 and 1958–59) as well as the FA Cup in 1949. Later on, he owned a sports shop.

1960 Wolves FA Cup winning shirt - Peter Broadbent (rear)
1960 Wolves FA Cup winning shirt – Peter Broadbent (rear)

As you can see, manufacturer logos were a tad more subtle. Here is a close up of the logo printed at the bottom-rear of the shirt:

1960 Wolves FA Cup winning shirt - Umbro logo
1960 Wolves FA Cup winning shirt – Umbro logo

…and of course, the famous town (as it was) crest which was worn for the occasion:

1960 Wolves FA Cup winning shirt – embroidered town crest

The sheen is due to the shirt being protected, as it should be, behind glass. Of course, the greatest shirts in the world need some sort of provenance. The proof that this shirt is what it purports to be (as is there could be any doubt!)

1960 Wolves FA Cup winning shirt – provenance

…and that is good enough for me. A fantastic shirt and thank you very much to the person who shared it – you’ve made Wolves supporters everywhere very jealous.

Other manufacturers produced their version of this shirt at the time and indeed there have been reproductions or remakes if you prefer from various people including TOFFS, Score Draw and Toffs. I may add these in a later blog but for now, this remarkable specimen is worthy of admiration standing alone.

When people send us stuff like this they sometimes ask how much it is worth. My normal answer: it doesn’t really matter as no Wolves supporter could ever part with this. It’s something to be handed down the generations or be seen in museums – not really something to see on eBay!

I’ll leave you with a view of the excellent way that this is being framed and preserved:

1960 Wolves FA Cup winning shirt – on display
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  1. Thank you for sharing this oiece of history. I’ve seen this on old film but not close-up and much better than modern rubbish

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