1975-1977 home shirt by Umbro/Wolves official

Another day of lock down and another potential evening at screaming at the telly as Wolves take on Arsenal so what better way to distract than looking at an iconic Umbro shirt from the 1970s?

Seasons: 1975-1976, 1976-1977
Finished: Football League First Division, 20th (relegated) Football League Second Division 1st (champions).

Style: 10/10
Popularity: 8/10
Quality: 6/10
Collectability: 10/10

Estimated price: Replica: N/A. Player issue £1k+

Many of the contributors to this blog have either set up, been admins or heavily involved with social media Wolves sites or forums. A lot of what comes through to us is ‘noise’… but every now and again… well, I’ll let it speak the post in question speak for itself:

“My husband was a London wolves member in the 1970’s. At an open day he was given Steve Daley’s no 8 shirt by Sir Jack Taylor . It’s been sat in the cupboard for over 40 years. It seems a shame. Any ideas what it is worth please?”

Cue an avalanche of people looking to make offers! This shirt you see was released before replica shirts were readily available in shops so you’re pretty much looking at finding player issue versions and most of those are now in the hands of private collectors. This particular one was worn by Steve Daley at his peak, prior to us losing him to Man City at a time Wolves were bouncing between the top and second tier. Wolves won the second division in this classic top – a feat that would not be repeated until a certain Mick McCarthy came along three and a bit decades later. Even if that were not the case, look at the state of it:

Iconic aeratex fabric, continuation of the three leaping Wolves, classic umbro logo. No umbro piping on the arms yet but frankly you don’t need it with a shirt this beautiful.

The Wolves Official retro remake version

Wolves actually did a retro / repro version a few years ago which is quite nice:

Ignore the umbro transfer, which was applied later but colour looks good, leaping Wolves look correct, fabric feels the same (perforation pattern is different) and the ‘WW’ while not quite the correct font, looks OK. The black ‘bib’ is not quite wide enough but the leaping Wolves are close as can be seen in this comparison shot:

Leaping Wolves – modern repro shirt
Leaping Wolves – Original version

All in all, not bad at all and probably my second favourite repro shirt after the event Wolves / Score Draw Spall recreation. I’m also told that there is a newer Score Draw version that’s even better. If any of you have it and confirm either way please comment below. Not sure I can justify any more shirt purchases to my better half…

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