1998-2000 home shirt by Puma

No I’m not having it, and we need to immediately put the record straight. Whilst it’s difficult to disagree with much of the retrospective look at the 1999-00 away shirt piece, and I can agree that the nineties wasn’t a vintage time to support Wolves, those failings can’t be attributed to the Puma-produced kit which has swiftly grown in popularity (and price). Let’s look at the home shirt.

Seasons: 1998-1999, 1999-2000
Finished: Football League First Division, 7th and 12th.

Style: 6/10
Popularity: 7/10
Quality: 10/10
Collectability: 8/10

Estimated price: Replica: circa £60+.

1998-2000 home shirt by Puma, front
1998-2000 home shirt by Puma, front

Yes, Mark McGee had failed. OK Jez Moxey had arrived, that Robbie Keane was about to go, Steve Bull was about to play his last game, Colin Lee took up the reigns but… But. Actually I’ve painted myself into a corner with that sentence. *sigh*. OK focusing on the shirt then:

1998-2000 home shirt by Puma,  badge
1998-2000 home shirt by Puma, badge

Iconic 90s- style embroidered badge, stitched into quality fabric, embossed with pattern, underarm vents and great detail.

1998-2000 home shirt by Puma, sleeves and cuffs
1998-2000 home shirt by Puma, sleeves and cuffs

Robust sleeves/cuffs with Pumas running down the arms as was the way with Puma shirts of the time. Wolves would have been better but not to worry.

1998-2000 home shirt by Puma, logo
1998-2000 home shirt by Puma, logo
1998-2000 home shirt by Puma, neck
1998-2000 home shirt by Puma, neck

Made in England, with a proper collar and ridiculously hard wearing. I’ve worn this for 5 a side football, abused it and washed it hundreds of times and it still looks better than some modern shirts which have been used a fraction of the time. PLUS…

1998-2000 home shirt by Puma, good year? Not really

… the best sponsor ever. Never mind the betting companies, bring Good Year sponsorship back. I think there is a reason this shirt has quadrupled in price the last 4 or 5 years.

So yes, the time period wasn’t great for all those reasons above but this blog is primarily about the kit… and the kit was great. Meanwhile West Brom were probably being sponsored by their own council or a big no smoking sign or Poundland and if they weren’t they should have been. Actually Poundland probably weren’t a thing yet. And yes, we had more Slaters and Claridges and Havard Flos than we did Bulls, Keanes and Curles… it didn’t matter as we remained Wolves and would be back. 3 seasons later as it happened but that’s another blog for another time.

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