2001-2002 away shirt by WWFC

Like your mum cutting your hair, or deciding to make a burger “as good as McDonald’s” out of a Daisy Freezer Centre frozen burger between two rounds of bread, Wolves took care of this beauty ‘in house’.

Seasons: 2001-2002
Finished: Football League Second Division, 3rd (lost in play-offs)

Style: 2/10
Popularity: 3/10
Quality: 3/10
Collectability: 5/10

Estimated price: Replica: circa £50+.

Thanks to Peter Crump for providing material for this blog entry.

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Or rather they again outsourced to a Far East company, branded it as ‘wwfc’ and then probably watched in dismay as the new design was promptly leaked by Far East sellers looking to sell them via eBay. I’m not making this up.

2001-2002 season away shirt Wolves
2001-2002 season away shirt

I’m not going to lie, it was a rough season that ended up in play-off heartbreak after a capitulation having been in the top two all season, spending £11 million and then… I tell you what I’m not going to think about it. Let’s look at the shirt.

Close up of the Wolves badge

It boasted a duotone version of the re-launched George ASDA version of the badge and… well it’s not the best. It was ill- fitting, the collar was tight and easily stretched and it was a very baggy 90s style shirts that was about 10 years behind its time.

Good old Good Year

On the other hand it has a cracking sponsor as it was the last year of Good Year sponsorship and was an unusual grey colour that looked OK in the floodlights on the occasions it was used against the likes of Norwich when we played them in the… argh I’m not thinking about it.

Wolves 2001-2002 season away shirt label
2001-2002 season away shirt label

Let’s say there was a reason that these used to be a fiver a time on the second-hand market before the replica shirt market went mad and prices exploded. Nowadays you’re looking at circa £50 for one of these rather unappealing shirts that will make you sad every time you look at it. I swear Wolves fans must be masochists…

Player-issued version of this shirt

Avid Wolves supporter and short aficionado Peter Crump has provided images of the player-issued version of this shirt as worn by Carl Robinson.

2001-2002 match issued Wolves  Carl Robinson
2001-2002 match issued Wolves Carl Robinson

The specifications are the same as the replica version – albeit with club-applied Nationwide Football Patches on the arms along with ironed on name and number.

2001-2002 match issued Wolves Carl Robinson front
2001-2002 match issued Wolves Carl Robinson front

This was the days before merchandising deals that saw teams required to wear away shirts for a certain number of times even if there was no clash so this was most likely worn against Norwich… and yes that means the 28 April loss in the play off.

It must feel bittersweet looking at this one Peter – thanks for sharing.

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