The Wolves ‘Oddities 11’

The team is taking shape but we need some midfielder enforcers for our strange-looking team.

The Wolves shirts ‘Oddities 11’

First up is a bit of a mystery shirt. This one was provided by Odin Henrikssen, who recently showed us his fantastic 1962-1972 home shirt.

That’s a bit weird innit? Read more about the 1971(?) alternate gold trim home shirt

Sitting alongside is another protoype shirt provided by friend of the blog Steve Plant:

It was prepared by Admiral towards the end of the 2003 and is a concept shirt for the following season that shows how close we came to a rounded collar with stripes (yes, we know) on the sleeves. We quite like it actually.

Previous updates

28 April

We need to round out this ‘Oddities 11’ defence and we’ve had enough of these blue shirts so let’s get some gold in it. Here’s one you most of you wouldn’t have seen before and you THINK you have but probably haven’t. Sounds strange? I’ll elaborate:

Right-back. Firstly, at right-back a shirt that at first glance you may think is just the very short-lived Scoreline version of iconic 1990-92 Goodyear shirt. Look more closely though – this seems to be a concept development shirt that is unlike the finished versions we have seen previously.

Left-back. Shoring up the defence in true Super Mo style is an unusual prototype shirt that has featured in Steve Plant’s stable. A black and gold striped number from Admiral in 2000 that never saw light of day due to Wolves going down the home-made route.

These two take their pride of place in the below line-up.

For those who missed the first part…

Original post

there have been some wonderful Wolves shirts over the years… and some not so wonderful ones. Some of them are, and will always remain, iconic and well renowned. We are thinking the beauty of the ‘3 leaping Wolves‘-adorned Umbro efforts of the 70s, or the Goodyear-sponsored 1990s numbers.

Then there is the other camp. We are thinking the ones that should never have appeared on the holy Molineux turf, the ones that didn’t, and never got beyond proof of concepts, and the ones that were almost… almost lost to the mists of time because they were worn out of necessity, were created as one-offs or were swiftly cancelled.

We call these sacrilegious shirts, these tortuous tops, these abnormal adornments… the Wolves ‘Oddities 11’ and we’ll bet that at least two or three of these will be new news to even the most ardent of Wolves supporters.

The team is taking shape but there are plenty of positions to play for. Leave a comment below or contact us via the form link at the top of the page if you know of a shirt that should make the team.

Team news

Goalkeeper …the time a player wore his own shirt onto the pitch.

My absolute favourite Wolves collecting story in ages, as told to me by Steve Plant. Don’t fancy wearing the club-supplied shirt on the pitch? Wear your own. You wouldn’t see that happening nowadays – read more on the 1988 goalkeeper shirt by Sondico (Mark Kendall’s personal).

Central-defence (L) …it’s an Admiral ‘Doritos’ effort… but perhaps not one you’ve seen before

We have Peter Crump, a font of Wolves knowledge, to thank for this one. A specially-commissioned shirt that was only worn once in a pre-season friendly? Don’t mind if we do.

Read more on the 2001-2002 pre-season ‘one-off’ by Admiral shirt blog entry.

Central-defence (R) …it’s Burrda’s blue and white striped aberration.

A wise man once said that “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Well truth be told it was actually the bloke in Jurassic Park but the point remains. A fellow Wolves supporter accused me of inventing this (like I have the time or manufacturing capability) but yep this was a thing. Read more on the 2012-13 (unproduced prototype) blog entry.

There are still loads of places to play for. Please let us know which oddities should be in the team by commenting below.

10 thoughts on “The Wolves ‘Oddities 11’

  1. Benjamin Perry sponsored one deserves a mention.
    Looking at a black and white programme picture, the black Benjamin Perry logo printed onto gold cloth then sewn on to the front of the Pin Stripe top.
    …but the one in the museum has a red Benjamin Perry logo stamped directly onto the shirt.
    This needs clearing up as it’s been bugging for a while now. Haha

  2. The open neck ‘warm weather’ shirt with black collar from August ‘73 always interests me. (Richards photo) If I had to pick a favourite shirt it would be this one yet I believe it was only worn a handful of times. First worn in the 3rd place playoff match at Highbury Aug.73 then (from what I have been able to gather) only a few times at the beginning of the 73/74 season. Don’t think it was worn again after September? I’m sure I have seen a photo somewhere too that shows some players wearing the open collar shirt and others in the standard diamond collar in same match which I thought was unusual. It was made of the aerotex material but I never seen an actual match worn shirt pop up anywhere and wonder if any are on existence?

    1. Think I have got one of the shirts you mentioned, aerotex, short sleeve, black collar, black V insert, the logo is on the left hand side, bold We with a single wolf above them, made by Umbro, believe it to be match worn, with the number 4 on the back, also believe Mike Bailey played in this particular number.

  3. That would be a turn up if you did! I’ll drop you an email to see if you’d be interesting in sharing any photos via the blog. Not been seen outside of vintage footage since the 70s!

  4. The FIAT shirt was presented to Wolves after the 3-1 away victory at WBA in November 1983.
    Every week FIAT presented a shirt with their logo on to the club they deemed to have been worthy of their ‘ team of the week ‘ award.

  5. Answer this I think that Graham Turner did play a league game in a Wolves shirt. When Shrewsbury were in Div2 (ie 2nd level), they played Crystal Palace away. With their blue first shirts and second red shirts there was a clash with Palace with both choices. I am SURE that Graham phoned his mate Richie Barker at Wolves and borrowed a set of Wolves white strips. Did I dream this ?. I have a mental picture of Shrewsbury in Wolves shirts printed in Shropshire Star.

  6. The 2019 ‘FOSUN’ – Asia Trophy shirt!
    Deserves a place up front in my opinion.
    The gold top is a thing of beauty

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