Saturday 10th November 1990– Wolves V Newcastle United Barclays Division 2 1990/1991

Next we will look at the 1990s. Today we begin in 1990 with a home fixture against Newcastle United. The 1990/1991 season was the first season under the ownership of Sir Jack who purchased the club in May 1990. Excitement was in the air all around.

Sir Jack came in, Bully had just come back from the World Cup and Wolves also began with the season with two new strips. This season was the first season where the Wolves strip displayed the Goodyear sponsorship. Both of the strips were produced by Scoreline. The away/change strip also saw Wolves move from the traditional white strip. This season we wore what was called Waterloo Blue. The Scoreline strip however had to be changed as Scoreline who were based in West Bromwich went bust. Bukta then took over the manufacturer of the strip from November 1990. The strips look very similar from a distance. The main change is in the back ground. The Scoreline strips have a cross hatched background whereas the Bukta has the Wolves heads.

This Newcastle game was the first game where Wolves wore the new Bukta strip. In the programme you will see it being modelled. The star of this famous photo shoot some of you will recognise. This is our former Youth and Reserve team player Steve Morgan. At this time Morgan was doing well. He also captained the reserves on many occasions. It must never be forgotten that Morgan is the original Bukta model. We have an had a few famous faces in very recent times modelling this shirt albeit the reproduction version. Steve Morgan will always be for me Number 1(ha ha).

The programme cover star is Kevin Ashley. Ashley had joined us from Birmingham City just under 2 months before. During the programme striker John Paskin is also featured extensively. Paskin signed for Wolves in the Summer of 1989 from West Bromwich Albion. Paskin as many will remember was from South Africa. Paskin scored 2 goals in 25 starts. He also appeared 15 times from the bench before he left for Wrexham in 1992. We also have action shots from the previous home game on 27th October 1990. This is of course the final home game we wore the Scoreline shirt. The final game we wore it was on 3rd November 1990 in our away game at Pompey. They also had a Scoreline shirt too. We can see at the Blackburn game Tim Steele, Paul Cook in action who were the Wolves goal scorers that day in our 3.2 loss. John Paskin is also in action. We can also see at this point Steve Bull was leading scorer in the Division.

Wolves against Newcastle won 2.1 with goals from Gary Bellamy and Tim Steele in front of 18721, Lee Clarke scored for Newcastle. The full Wolves line up that day was Mike Stowell, Kevin Ashley, Tim Steele, Gary Bellamy, Paul Stancliffe, Keith Downing, Andy Thompson, Paul Cook, Steve Bull, John Paskin, Robbie Dennison. No one appeared from the bench. This game was Paul Stancliffes debut in his short stay at the club. Stancliffe played 20 times all of them this season. Stancliffe joined us after he gave Rotherham Untied and Sheffield United great service. He was part of the Sheffield United side that finished 2nd to us in 1988/1989. He actually scored one of the Sheffield Untied goals in the famous game in May 1989 that saw Wolves win the league and Sheffield United effectively seal promotion. Stancliffe left for Southend United after his short time at Wolves.

Newcastle and Wolves this season were about as good as each other. Newcastle finished 11th and we finished 12th and there was only 1 point difference. This season was the year Oldham won the league. The season after Newcastle very nearly went down until Kevin Keegan came in as manager and rescued them. He then turned around the club’s fortunes as we know.

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