Wolves Programme Post 10 “Ze Germans am Comin”

Wednesday 7th November 1973 – Wolves V Lokomotiv Leipzig UEFA Cup Round 2 2nd Leg 1973/1974

There was some disruption to kick off times in the football this season. This would particularly affect Wolves in the League Cup winning campaign. The reason was the 1973 Oil Crisis. This had begun in October however had not really affected us until November. Members of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries proclaimed an Oil Embargo. This embargo was aimed at countries that were perceived to be supporting Israel in the Yom Kippur War which took place in October 1973. To cut a long story short this obviously had an effect on the use of fossil fuels and of course the floodlights. Some of our league cup ties kicked off in the afternoon in the week at 2pm.

This European tie went ahead however in the evening. We had lost the first leg behind the Iron curtain 3.0 on 24th October 1973 in Germany. Locomotive Leipzig were known as VFB Leipzig. They now operate in the 4th tier of German football. They were VFB Leipzig, then Locomotive, then VFB again before reforming as Locomotive. We of course had made the trip behind the iron curtain two years before to Carl Ziess Jena on our run to the UEFA Cup Final in 1972.

On home turf in November 1973 however Wolves took some revenge on Leipzig. Wolves won 4.1 with goals from Frank Munro, Kenny Hibbitt, Steve Kindon and Derek Dougan. Sadly, Leipzig also scored to make it 4.1 on the night. As we had lost the first leg 3.0 that Leipzig goal was crucial at Molineux as it took them through on the away goal. Wolves had beaten Portuguese side Belenenses in the first round but their second ever UEFA Cup campaign in 1973/1974 ended at this game. Wolves retuned to the tournament the season after courtesy of us winning the League Cup in 1974. We lost that time to Porto. We then returned again in 1980 after winning the League Cup in 1980 but then lost to PSV Eindhoven in the first round. Wolves then had to wait 39 years for a return which was of course last season’s Europa campaign.

We qualified this year in 1973/1974 courtesy of our 5th place finish in 1972/1973. Liverpool won the league in which meant they went into the European Cup. Leeds in 3rd, Ipswich in 4th and Wolves in 5th went into the UEFA Cup. What about Arsenal however in 2nd. Well, they didn’t qualify for Europe at all. The reason was that Tottenham Hotspur won the League Cup in 1973. They of course beat us in the Semi Final. This meant Arsenal could not qualify as the League Cup UEFA spot took precedence. There was a rule at the time that only one club per City could participate in the UEFA Cup. This of course meant that if Norwich City had beaten Spurs in the 1973 League Cup Final, they would have gone into the UEFA Cup and so would Arsenal and we would have missed out. Luckily for us and unluckily for the Gunners Ralph Coates scored the only goal of the game in the 1973 League Cup Final on 72nd minute.

14530 showed out at Molineux for this game in November 1973 and of course there would have been no away supporters unless there were any British based supporters.

The Wolves side that day was Phil Lofty Parkes, Geoff Palmer, Derek Parkin, Barry Powell, Frank Munro, John McAlle, Kenny Hibbitt, Alan Sunderland, Steve Kindon, Derek Dougan, Dave Wagstaffe. Steve Daley replaced Alan Sunderland during the game.

See you next time for the next programme post where venture into the 1980s again. We also have an article on Saturday where we put the 1980s into Focus. “Wolves Groundhoppers” on the way this Saturday.

I would also like to place on record my

best wishes

to Wolves Supporter Steve Brown who has supported me throughout these articles. He like many people is in hospital right now. To Steve and anyone else suffering at moment my thoughts are with you.

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