About this site

To be short and sharp about it – this is a blog site that is dedicated to Wolverhampton Wanderers, or Wolves and the historical kit (or precisely shirts) that have adorned them over the years.

It is a labour of love, just for fun and if you are not into Wolves or vintage football shirts you may just be in the wrong place. It is intended to complement some of the good Facebook groups that are out there and to ensure that some of the nuggets of Wolves’s history that pop up on there will now persist on a site where they will not be lost under the avalanche of STUFF as is often the case with social media.

The best place to start, if you haven’t found it already, would be the blog page.

This is purely for the fans and by the fans and not affiliated with Wolves or any organisation. It does not and probably will never make any money – if you want to donate to running costs or become a contributor (new writers always welcome) please contact us. Everything on here is just the opinion of a few Wolves supporters and is there to be challenged – comment on the blog entries and put us to rights. Except on the Good Year ‘tyres’ strip – we cannot agree that is isn’t a thing of beauty… sorry.

Thank you for visiting and please let us know your thoughts, comments and feedback so we can keep making the site better.

I am writing this during the third lockdown and we are hoping we get to wear some of these shirts at Molineux one day soon. The historical side and discussing of wonderful vintage shirts of an old gold persuasion is great but sometimes you want to see the famous Wolverhampton Wanderers in the flesh. One day soon eh?