Offer for blog visitors – a 1970s Wolves scrapbook

I don’t know about you but I got a load of rubbish for Christmas. Would a an 80s-era Umbro Wolves shirt be too much to ask. Or indeed anything Wolves-related?

If you’re in a simlar boat then we heartily suggest some self-love. If you’re thinking a belated Christmas gift, friend of this blog (and indeed every Wolves supporter after many years reporting on and and working with Wolverhampton Wanderers) David Instone recently released a new book: A Wolves 1970s Scrapbook he describes as:

“…pure nostalgia (with) so many happy memories for fans who lived through those seasons and, I’m sure, educate those who are too young but are keen to learn about the Wolves sides they have only heard about”.

It has colour on every page, is the ultimate ‘coffee table’ book for you (or a fellow Wolves supporter you deem worthy), has more than 500 Wolves photos in total and has only had a small print run and will not be available in any shops/Amazon etc. This is mainly because 75% of the profits will go to charity and the idea is to cut out the big chunks they would have to pay other sellers.

What’s more, if you mention to Dave that you visited this blog and would like him to personally sign the book he will do so.

How do I get this you ask? Emails to express an interest and either purchase online for postal despatch or handover at a home game.

Happy New Year by the way. Illness and life in general has seen fewer blog entries of late – something we shall be addressing… In the meanwhile if you have a Wolves shirt we have not yet covered that may interest your fellow Wolf please do shout…

Author: NickW

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