1992-1994 away shirt by Molineux

We’ve been putting this one off. They don’t make them like this anymore do they? The ‘yin‘ to the infamous tyre mark shirt’s ‘yang‘? Nowadays they seem to make shirts with an ever increasing complex patterns, swooshes and (most recently) holes punched in them. The theory is that this is to make them more difficult to copy by the Far East ‘knock off’ factories. This excuse did not exist in the 90s so I don’t know why we got this abomination served up.

1992-1994 away shirt by Molineux – front

The 90s was more about being able to make more intricate patterns means that we should… with bells on. It’s difficult to describe what this is really – there are two shades of blue with various squares, triangles and random polygons all over the place. Enough to make your eyes bleed. Want a traditional collar – no probs – have some buttons on it. And a black bit. And why not some stripes for good measure? Not sure there’s quite enough going on here so let’s put some random black bits on the shoulders. Only if it’s lined with gold piping though otherwise it will look silly. Some dots you say, ooh yes please.

The badge is the version that they had used for a few seasons and is probably the high point of this shirt – the classic Wolves badge within a shield. Not long later they would revert to the town crest for a few seasons which divided fans at the time.

Classic ‘Good Year’ sponsorship of course, not that it was easy to see amongst the cacophony of isometric shapes and spots. In fact this may have been the first Wolves shirt to feature spots. I’m sure that the sponsor would have been thrilled at their brand being barely legible over the ‘noise’.

1992-1994 away shirt by Molineux – rear

The rear… let’s you enjoy the pattern even more. Rumour has it that if you stare at it long and hard enough it’s like one of those ‘magic’ eye photos except instead of seeing a photo you instead get immediately depressed remembering the lows of the 90s, the Graham Taylor false dawn, the crocked Thomas, Froggats and Daleys and the ‘rubbing salt in the wounds’ embarrassment of running out in a homemade shirt. I can’t go on – the pain and sheer frustration of following Wolves at this time was already covered in the this shirt’s 1993 counterpart. I’m just too tyred.

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