1979-82 ‘League Cup’ Final tracksuit top

We haven’t featured a tracksuit yet so we may as well start with (arguably) the best known.

As already covered on the 1980 shirt blog, the shirts created by Umbro remain the most popular for Wolves supporters. When Wolves enjoyed their last (for now… hopefully) piece of silverware, they were decked out in resplendent shirts and kept warm while nervously awaiting Wembley kick off by these fantastic track tops.

Recent ‘retro’ reissued versions are ok but badly missed the Umbro piping on the arms and the embroidered club badge and lower case Umbro stitching. Absolutely stunning.

These are getting very hard to find in any sort of condition or size with only 3 coming up for sale in online auctions stretching back a few years now.

This particular one is for large child or small adult and is actually owned by a contributor to this blog who bought it to restore and strip the late 70s and early 80s badges from… and then found that it would be sacrilege so is instead now selling it on for someone to frame as it is.

Do you recognise it? Was it yours? Get in touch by leaving a comment below.

Author: Mark M

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