2000 home shirt prototype by Admiral

Centre-aligment of badges was very much a late 90’s/early 2000s thing – many of us remember the classic Umbro England shirts of Euro 96 and the World Cup of 1998 and many other nations and I recall seeing examples adorning many well known and historically significant club sides. And Bolton too.

In true ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ style, Admiral submitted a prototype to Wolves, presumably in the last season of the existing Puma deal circa 1999, that featured central badges and a return to broad black and gold stripes that had not been seen on the Molineux pitch since the mid 1920s!

2000 home shirt prototype by Admiral – front

We’ll never know how this would have landed although it should be noted that there had been some negative reaction a few seasons prior around the 96-98 shirt which many fans thought featured too much black. This one was more black still.

As it happened, Admiral would have their time a few years later with their 2002-04 shirts

…which happily turned out to be a promotion shirt. That one played it safer with black reverted to being a minor trim as opposed to a central feature (read more) and a slightly subdued shade that was a move away from ‘orange’ and towards gold which went down well at the time. That said, most things are positive when your team are doing well.

2000 home shirt prototype by Admiral – sponsor

It would have been interesting also to see how the marketing department of sponsor Goodyear tyres, who had just entered their final period of shirt sponsorship, would have viewed a shirt where the black logo of their brand was very much ‘lost’ due to the alternating black stripes. I imagine that if this shirt progressed past prototype phase that Admiral may have been asked to do something about that!

As it happens it was a moot point – the Wolves board at the time saw more potential revenue going down the ‘homemade’ route with the WWFC own-branded option as covered previously:

Would you have bought it? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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