1988(?) goalkeeper shirt by Sondico (Mark Kendall’s personal)

Sondico? Sondico? But they have never been kit supplier to Wolves. Turns out they were, but indirectly.

There are a lot of passionate and knowledgeable Wolves shirt collectors out there and they don’t come more dedicated than Steve Plant (check out his book if you haven’t already – available for only £20 from the Wolves site and worth every penny).

Steve has a good relationship with many current and ex-Wolves players and he was talking to the legendary Mark Kendall’s son about some training-worn kit that had been found in an old loft. One of the items looked like this:

1988ish Sondico keeper shirt as work by Mark Kendall

All well and good – a great item that was assuredly used in training and was in itself a great item to see after all these years. Then things got interesting – one of Steve’s mates dug out an old photo:

1988ish Sondico keeper shirt as work by Mark Kendall… in a match it seems

Repeated washes had faded the main logo but there can be no mistake – the same shirt.

So there’s a nice future pub quiz question for you – which Wolves player decided to wear his own shirt at a match, and one which was a totally different manufacturer from his teammates?

Having consulted an expert, Steve was told that Mark often preferred to wear his own kit and his preferred brands but that this is the first time we have seen one that hasn’t been altered or is without a Wolves badge.

Steve would like to know if anyone out there knows more on this? Are there other examples we should know about. We could always do with a sub keeper for our emerging The Wolves ‘Oddities 11’

Author: NickW

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