2010-2011 home shirt by Burrda

A 10 year anniversary since this one was worn competitively, but what an exit! Stephen Hunt never got enough credit – “We only need one goal” the chant rang out across Molineux and not long after, Mr Hunt obliged. Never before had a narrow loss at Molineux been celebrated with such elation. But let’s rewind a little and recall the second season of our second stint back at the top table of the Premier League.

  • Season(s): 2010-2011
  • Finished: Premier League, 17th
  • Style: 6/10
  • Popularity: 5/10
  • Quality: 8/10
  • Collectability: 6/10
  • Estimated price: Replica £25+

The previous season had seen us avoid relegation quite comfortably, considering we were a promoted upstart from the Championship, with a solid 15th-place finish, eight points above the relegation zone. We did it whilst wearing a simple but inoffensive short supplied by Le Coq Sportif in their final season of supplying us.

2010-2011 home shirt by Burrda signed by players
2010-2011 home shirt by Burrda signed by players

Enter Burrda

So now, we were turning to Burrda who had thrown some money at us for the privilege of being kit supplier during what would surely be a season of growth and further consolidation for the first consecutive campaign in the highest division since 1981–82? Surely?

No. It wasn’t. We survived for a second successive season after finishing 17th, one place above the relegation zone. We lost that day but history can’t quite illustrate what a mad day of topsy-turvy results that saw us in and out the relegation zone a few times and indeed at half-time being dead and buried with Birmingham City just above us on goal difference.

2010-2011 home shirt by Burrda - badge
2010-2011 home shirt by Burrda – badge

Lack of credit

History is subjective and sometimes missed out on detail. If you read match reports it is stated that “results elsewhere on the final day kept Wolves one point ahead of the bottom three teams” when what actually happened is that, like I say above, Stephen Hunt reduced the deficit to edge us out of the bottom three on goal difference, word got through at White Hart Lane via the crowd and dug out prompting Birmingham to somewhat recklessly attack Spurs… and consequently concede which of course cemented our position of safety and sent down Blues.

Cue much hilarity and relief in the South Bank that day and laughter and cheers from many of us who were avidly listening to radios that day (smart phones were useless due to 25k Wolves fans trying to load the BBC results pages at the same time). The only way it could perhaps have been funnier would be if we had conceded again to make it 2-4, meaning that Blues would have thrown it away for nothing… but by this time the day was done.

2010-2011 home shirt by Turrda
2010-2011 home shirt by Turrda

10 years later Blues still haven’t got back up, we’ve been down, down again, up, up, and into Europe and Stephen Hunt and the Wolves players that day still hasn’t got the credit for keeping us up, despite an awful start that day against Blackburn. So there – Wikipedia and many other places.

2010-2011 home shirt by Burrda black trim
2010-2011 home shirt by Burrda black trim

Talking of the players, if you are observant you may notice that this one is signed by the first team players that season and to be fair… this first of three home shirts was probably the best Burrda produced over the course of three attempts/seasons although that’s a bit like choosing whether you want to be poked in your left eye or your right.

The material is of decent quality with black underarm panels so that people cannot see you are sweating copiously at the thought of being relegated. The weave is good and initial impression was that the quality was decent and whilst some people will only be happy the day we go back to Umbro, Wolves have had far worse shirts over the years.

2010-2011 home shirt by Burrda - collar
2010-2011 home shirt by Burrda – collar

It has all the expected knobs and whistles and there’s not much more to say – if I had to sum up in a word it is “safe“. Sadly the same could not be said about Wolves that day until the final knockings of that final match on the last day of the season. Looking back… stressful but let’s be honest, rather fun in the end.

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