1999-2000 away shirt by Puma

A recent blog entry discussed how at the tail end of the 90s, Wolves burst into Division 2 (soon to be renamed Division 1) with great momentum in shiny Scoreline kits. A decade later, and a few ‘nearly’ seasons later… we started to realise we may have stalled.

Seasons: 1999-2000
Finished: Football League First Division, 7th.

Style: 7/10
Popularity: 6/10
Quality: 9/10
Collectability: 6/10

Estimated price: Replica: circa £30+.

Wolves, on the cusp of the millennium, had lost in the play offs twice over the course of the decade and were seeing out the 90s in much the way they had spent it, stagnating in the second tier. At least this year they moved away from blues and teals and got back to basics with a well made and attractive white effort from Puma.

1999-2000 away shirt by Puma - front
1999-2000 away shirt (long sleeves) by Puma – front

The club shop was looking like a shop by now as opposed to a portacabin and offered innovations such as allowing supporters to buy replica shirts with long sleeves. This hadn’t been an option for previous efforts.

1999-2000 away shirt by Puma - woven badge
1999-2000 away shirt by Puma – woven badge

It featured a woven and attached (as opposed to directly embroidered) club badge – again the asda George number – and the Good Year logo was perforated this time

1999-2000 away shirt by Puma - Good Year logo
1999-2000 away shirt by Puma – Good Year logo

I don’t know why. To sweat through better? Regardless it was popular and sold well at the time. The attention to detail, gold and black trim, proper collar and fact it is bulletproof has meant it has grown in popularity with collectors.

1999-2000 away shirt by Puma - collar
1999-2000 away shirt by Puma – collar

Another false Wolves dawn to close out the century

The season got off to a decent start, with the prodigious Robbie Keane scoring a winning goal at Man City but then the club cashed in on him for £6 million to Coventry and while part of this was reinvested in Bristol City’s Ade Akinbye, who ended up as to scorer with 16 goals, the momentum was lost and Wolves finished 7th. Again. 3 seasons and a choke later things got better and we did indeed escape from the division… but the iconic Good Year sponsorship and Puma – whose UK produced strips have been proved to be well made and durable – wouldn’t be along for the ride.

Beware… the dodgy Puma logo

One final point to note if you’re looking to buy one of these. A large proportion of the ones that were produced early in the run looked like this:

1999-2000 away shirt by Puma - logo error
1999-2000 away shirt by Puma – logo error

For some reason the Puma logo was way off to the side rather than being above the first ‘o’ in Good Year. This meant it was almost under the armpit for some fans and for some female fans it was under… well it was in an awkward place. If you’re going to get one I’d recommend you find the corrected version. Oh and maybe buy the next size down. Shirts in the 90s were baggy…

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