2000-2001 away shirt by WWFC

A step back in the past to review the third in the ‘unholy trinity’ of homemade own label abominations from Wolverhampton Wanderers’s ‘dabbling with DIY’ period.

Seasons: 2000-2001
Finished: Football League Second Division, 12th

Style: 2/10
Popularity: 3/10
Quality: 3/10
Collectability: 7/10 (getting more popular)

Estimated price: Replica: circa £50+.

Thanks to Peter Crump for providing material for this blog entry.

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2000-2001 away shirt abomination by WWFC
2000-2001 away shirt abomination by WWFC

We already covered the 2000-2002 home top and the 2001-02 away so if for no other reason than completeness let’s look at this one also.

2000-2001 away shirt duotone Wolves badge
2000-2001 away shirt duotone Wolves badge

With baggy sizing and plain finish to the material there is a real 90s feel to this shirt, which was interesting as it came out a few seasons after the 1990s had finished. There are a proportion of fans who just don’t like blue away shirts for Wolves (Albion and blues connection I suppose) but to be fair it’s a better effort with a more subdued (if possible) version of the revamped late 90s asda George style wolf head and of course iconic Good Year sponsorship.

2000-2001 away shirt by,  who else, wwfc
2000-2001 away shirt by, who else, wwfc

I’ve spoken at length on other posts about the general malaise and frustrating on the pitch around this time so won’t repeat myself and that, and the fact that a gust of wind might have blown me away while wearing it may have contributed to my wearing it about twice and storing it in my parents loft for years.

2000-2001 away shirt label

It’s marked as ‘authentic merchandise’ which was probably to put off the glut of dodgy manufacturers who were undoubtedly going to rip off big baggy blue shirts of football teams in Wolverhampton going through tepid times.

2000-2001 away shirt seams

It had a reminder of who made it on the seams almost hidden by ‘go faster’ stripes to make the players run faster.

They didn’t.

Talking of running fast though, Peter Crump has very kindly provided his match day player specification

2000-2001 away shirt player issue version

…as nearly worn by Super ‘fly’ Mo Camara. Sadly Peter thinks Mo never actually wore it. Answers on a postcard why.

Peter’s abiding memory of this one is of seeing a certain young Joleon Lescott make his debut whilst wearing this prior to going on to Wolves and England (and Manchester City) greatness. He believes that Joleon may also have scored in that match, from memory, Wimbledon away.

2000-2001 away shirt player issue version rear
2000-2001 away shirt player issue version rear

As you can see the player spec for these wwfc shirts is per the replicas with no embroidered patches and the only changes being the club attached nationwide transfers and longer sleeves which you couldn’t get from the club shop.

2000-2001 Wolves away Nationwide patches

I don’t care what anyone thinks – it’s grown on me over the years and I’ll be wearing it next time I go out to… ah never mind. I’ll wear it one day anyway when I’m allowed outdoors.

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