2000-2002 home shirt by WWFC

Wolves and Good Year were inextricably linked throughout the 1990s. Yesterday, Wolves published a great article talking about this joint history.

Seasons: 2000-2001 and 2001-2002
Finished: Football League Second Division, 3rd (lost in play-offs); 12th

Style: 6/10
Popularity: 7/10
Quality: 3/10
Collectability: 7/10

Estimated price: Replica: circa £60+.

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We already recently looked at the first Good Year shirt by Bukta… (which technically is the second Good Year shirt after Scoreline initially made it but went out of business) so let’s have a look at the LAST collaboration that is still regarded as many as a favourite due mainly to the colour.

2000-2002 seasons shirt - back towards old gold
2000-2002 seasons shirt – back towards old gold

Good Year took over as shirt sponsor from the Wolverhampton firm Manders Paint & Ink for the 1991-1992 season until the 2000–01 season which was the 102nd season of competitive league football for Wolves. I’m not going to talk about the heartbreak of the first season today but the second was another disappointing season with the team finishing in 12th position, the lowest league finish for five seasons. The manager Colin Lee was sacked in December 2000 with the team just a single point clear of the relegation zone and Dave Jones came in. The rest is history.

Close up of the Wolves badge

The good news was that this season saw us return to a colour closer to the traditional “old gold” shade for the first time since the 1950s and the now iconic Good Year sponsorship was present for the final time.

Good old Good Year

The bad news? As mentioned when we showed the away version of this shirt, the kit was now manufactured by the club’s own label, entitled “WWFC”, and sponsored by Goodyear.

The shirt was ‘leaked’ by Far East sellers looking to sell on eBay prior to release (this is actually where this one was purchased from) and per the away shirt wasn’t great quality with quite scracthy material and a badge that was susceptable to fading.

2000-2002 seasons shirt – label

There was also only one specification – the match shirt versions had the same printed felt badges and sticthing and there was nothing to differentiate the versions seen on the molineux pitch between those on the stands as has been the case with other efforts.

2000-2002 seasons shirt – close up of the WWFC logo

That all said… many of the Wolves base loved the return to traditional colours and this shirt was a staple for many in the South Bank and also seems to be making a comeback – people seem to be appreciating classic shirts more (this site being another sypmtom of that I suppose) and I do see quite a few people wearing this on the terraces and introducing an interesting ‘duotone’ feel to the crowd when next to more orangey efforts from the likes of Admiral.

It just goes to show – get the colours right and respect tradition and people can overlook a lot of other faults and this is one of the first shirts on people’s lips when they talk about favourite shirts… if not manufacturer.

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