Burrda's prototype shirt

2012-2013 3rd strip (unproduced prototype) by Burrda

The reaction of many Wolves fans upon hearing that Burrda were to produce the strips from 2011 was to ask “who are Burrda“?

The answer – they were a rapidly growing Far East company who were looking to aggressively grow their foothold in the replica shirt industry and were hoping that becoming kit suppliers for a few English and Scottish (and one national) team would assist with that

Seasons: 2012-2013
Finished: Premier League, 20th (relegated)

Honours: None

See also:

Style: 3/10
Popularity: N/A
Quality: 4/10
Collectability: 10/10

Estimated price: £200+

Burrda's prototype shirt
Burrda’s unproduced prototype Wolves shirt

It didn’t really and the shirts aren’t remembered fondly for two main reasons:

  1. They spanned a ‘staying up by the skin of our teeth” season and then, painfully, in 2011-12 a relegation season that became a bit of a nose dive through two divisions.
  2. It’s fair to say the quality wasn’t quite on par with some of the sportswear companies that had gone before, with sponsor names peeling and damage occurring in washing machines. Never a good way to endear yourself with the supporters who had just paid the better part of £50 for the privilege.
Burrda's unproduced prototype Wolves shirt badge
Burrda’s unproduced prototype Wolves shirt badge

All that aside, this one actually is a bit of a rarity as it was an unproduced 3rd third shirt that never made it to retail and certainly was never worn anywhere near a pitch.

Burrda's unproduced prototype Wolves shirt badge
Not many are clamouring for Burrda to return
As seen on fifa

These are becoming rather sought after and the few that survived were auctioned off for charity and are sat in lofts somewhere.

Everyman x in support of stamping out male cancer.

The funny thing is that most supporters wouldn’t have even known this was even a ‘thing’, except the design was provided to EA for that season’s iteration of the FIFA video game and people decided they quite liked it… until they realised that blue and white stripes and Wolves aren’t ever going to happen.

Burrda’s days as shirt supplier were coming to an end…

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3 thoughts on “2012-2013 3rd strip (unproduced prototype) by Burrda

    1. Oh yes. I don’t think many people would have bought it, which is why it never got beyond prototype stage. It’s not too bad – it’s just not really a Wolves shirt!

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