1907-1908 home shirt by unknown manufacturer/TOFFS.

This is the first then. There are a few of us on here – me personally I have a modest collection of 50 Wolves shirts and love every one of them. The colours, our badge, the tyre marks (no really, I like that one from 1993). No other team has anything quite like them.

Seasons: 1907-1908
Finished: Football League Second Division 9th

Honours: FA Cup Winners

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Style: 7/10
Popularity: 5/10
Quality: Unknown
Rarity: Original: Very rare (fewer than 10), Repro: Common (thousands).

Up until recently this season’s was the earliest-known Wolves shirt and was worn (with the addition of a town crest as was the custom then) for the 1908 FA Cup Final shirt when Wolves overcame Newcastle.

Used with permission. Thanks to The National Football Museum

A modern remake is available from TOFFS:

Wolves 1908 FA Cup Final
An FA Cup final Wolves shirt – hopefully we get another of these one day soon

I don’t normally go for repro shirts as I like the manufacturer name to be present and period-accurate material to be used instead of heavy cotton but in this case the shirt (which feels and wears like a rugby short) is spot-on. Similarly the collars and cuffs looks like a good approximation although they have gone with a simple black lace for the fastening instead of lighter tan/gold.

To give some context for those of us not old enough to remember (all of us) Newcastle had just finished 4th in the First Division during this season (after winning the league in 1906–07), were massive favourites and this was their 3rd FA Cup final appearance in 4 years. Then there was us – Wolves had finished 9th in the Second Division. I don’t think Turner was in charge at that point. Nevertheless we massively upset the odds by winning the match 3–1, with goals by Kenneth Hunt, George Hedley and Billy Harrison and received the cup from The Lord Mayor of London. We had the town crest on our chests because that’s what we used to do when we were in FA Cup finals. I often get asked what rugby team it is when around and about wearing it in the South West and I slap them. No I don’t really. I’m just acting all tough because it’s on the internet.

Embroidered Wolverhampton town coat of Arms
Label - TOFFS manufactured Wolves cup final top
TOFFS manufactured this re-imagined Wolves cup final top

Two photos were originally posted on Facebook ‘Wolves, Wolverhampton Wanderers, shirts review and show off’ post/Group.

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