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A visual breakdown of all the historical shirts Wolverhampton Wanderers have run out while wearing over the years, accompanied by blog entries for each shirt as well as news and updates about new kit developments.

It’s a simple premise and one myself and a few friends (some of whom have an insane amount of old Wolves shirts) found very interesting – Plenty of gaps with the older shirts at the moment, especially with some of the very old vintage shirts which are hard to find. These will be reduced as we populate blogs for each shirt until we end up with good quality photos and blogs on each shirt from a fan’s perspective.

Of course there are some good sites out there – shops and some nuggets of information on Facebook groups (which often gets swamped with not-so-good stuff) but nothing that persists in a dedicated fashion with good, close up photos.

Is it possible? 

Yes. OK for the older and classic shirts, photos can be a challenge – many shirts are thought lost over the years and even when they were in use, photography was in its infancy. No-one was to know that this ‘Association Football‘ thing would take off in a big way and further that 150 or so years later, there would be an appetite to know about what went before. Thankfully newspaper reports and historical personal accounts help fill these gaps in as well as relatives of players from yesteryear… as we found recently when we had photos of the earliest-known a Wolves shirt from the 1899-1900 season shared with us by a descendant of the player. Just wow. 

What will we cover? 

Most shirts covered will be classics and enough to bring a smile to any Wulfrunian’s face. Some of them… not so much although that said we really like the Good Year Tyres ‘skid mark’ number and think it is a thing of beauty. You may not agree – let us have your comments underneath each blog entry by all means. 

Provide your own thoughts and show off your own shirts – we say the more the merrier. This is by the fans for the fans so please Contact Us.  Especially if you have any old, rare or unusual Wolves shirts you would like to share. 

If nothing else it has been an interesting diversion while hunkered down for lockdown #3. We would much rather have been wearing these shirts at a loud and raucous Molineux. 

Look at home shirts

Look at away shirts

Some of the most recent blogs. Visit the blogs page for the full list

Recent updates/addendums to blogs

2021-04-28 ‘Wolves Oddities 11’ section. The shirts you may not have seen.. and perhaps never wanted to.

2021-01-21 Close-up detail photos of Scoreline 1990-1992 home Wolves shirt (requested)

2021-02-12 New template applied to blog pages so it looks more purty on mobile devices, starting with the 77 prototype shirt.

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  1. 1972/73 short sleeved airtex material, ww with one wolf at the top, believed to be rare, umbro made, number 4 on the back , match worn.

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